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Summer Time Trial Series - Douglas

Location:  Douglas, MN - meet at Douglas Trail parking lot (Olmsted CR14/75th St.) in Douglas

Dates:  Tuesdays in August at 6pm.

Course:  This is an easy course (to remember)!  It is an 18.9 mile loop.  From the start near the trail, you will go west and make 4 right turns all of which are at the first stop sign you come to and all of which are the only paved road you will come to on your right:

  1. After starting out and going up the hill in Genoa, continue to the first stop sign and turn right onto CR5.
  2. Continue on CR5 toward Pine Island and turn right at the first stop sign (a T intersection) onto CR3.
  3. Continue on CR3 and turn right at the first stop sign. (another T intersection)  This is still CR3.
  4. Continue on CR3 toward Douglas and turn right at the first stop sign. (yet another T intersection)  This puts you back on CR14 and very near the finish.  The finish is a few hundred yards before the start line to avoid crossing the Douglas Trail.

For the final time trial of the series (August 23rd), the course is modified to be a Hill TT of 3.39 miles.  We will start in the same location, but finish at CR105 just past the top of Genoa hill and we will grill out afterward.


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Important Info:

  • All abilities are welcome.  You can ride any type of bike you want.  We will break out results based on aero vs stock bikes.  (Any of the following will be considered aero, others are stock:  aero bars, aero wheels, aero helmet.)  For more information on time trialing, check out this article on our time trial series.
  • There is no charge for the time trial.  The only requirement is that you are a TriRochester, VeloRochester, or RASC member.
  • You must have a signed TriRochester waiver on file for the current year.  If you don't, you can print one and bring it with you.
  • The TT will be self-seeded.  The faster you plan to go, the further back you should start.
  • Riders will be started at 30 second intervals.  When waiting to start, stay out of the road  and do not block traffic.  Also make sure you are not blocking the the Douglas Trail crossing.
  • This is a group workout on OPEN roads, not an organized race.  You must share the road with vehicle traffic and be responsible for your own safety.
  • No drafting,
  • If you are overtaking another rider, only pass on their left.
  • CAUTION Points:  There is no shoulder on CR14.  Please stay to the right, but be careful not to cross the white line.  CR5 and the first half of CR3 (before the 3rd turn) have very good shoulders.  Please use them.  After the 3rd turn, CR3 has rumble strips on the shoulder.  At the final right turn, be cautious.  Traffic on CR14 will have a bit of a hard time seeing you and they have the right-of-way.

Course Records

For the 18.9 mile coursse the records are:

Female - Ruth Brennan-Morrey 46:23, Aug. 20th, 2013

Male - Joe Moyer 43:52, Aug. 21st, 2012

For the Hill TT the records are:

Female - Joanna Hall - 10:32 - Aug. 26th, 2008

Male - Mario Minelli - 8:41 - Aug. 26th, 2008


2016 Results:

Week 1 - 8/2/2016 - Results - We had nice weather for today's TT and a good group of riders.  Congrat's to our three door prize winner and to everyone on a great effort on the bike.   The conditions were warm, but pretty good:  82 degrees F, mostly sunny and 70% humidity, with basically no wind.

Week 2 - 8/9/16 - Results - A bit more wind tonight, but a good turnout once again and fast times.  82 deg, RH 66%, partly cloudy with wind of 8mph from SSW.

Week 3 - 8/16/16 - Results - Threats of storms tonight and stronger wind, but the rain held off for most of the TT.  It was 82 degrees for the 3rd weeek in a row with winds of 10.4mph from the SSW, with a RH of 54%

2015 Results:

Week 1 - 8/11/2015 - Results - We had a good group for tonight's time trial!  Congrat's to our three door prize winners and to everyone on a great effort on the bike.  Tonight we even had one hard-core individual on a flat bar commuter bike with knobby tires - whew!  The conditions were pretty good:  77 degrees F, mostly sunny, with wind from the NNW - the number I see is 2mph, but it was more than that)

Week 2 - 8/18/15 - Cancelled due to rain

Week 3 - 8/25/15 - Results - Tonight was fresh and clear.  We had 68 Deg. F, 49% humidity, wind from the NW at 9mph.

2014 Results:

Week 1 - 8/5/2014 - Results - Great turnout for our first TT this August.  Riders were rewarded with good weather and fast times.  Temps were 75-degrees F, with light wind of 4.6mph from the North, and it was clear with a humidity of 65%

Week 2 - 8/12/2014 - Results - Another great turnout and good weather too.  The wind was a bit higher this week at 10.4mph from the NNW, but some people thought that it was a faster night despite the wind.  The temp was 73 and it was clear with 44% humidity.

Week 3 - 8/19/2014 - Results - Another good week of time trials with many PR's.  The weather was a temperature of 73-degrees F, winds of 4.6mph from the North, and mostly cloudy with humidity of 73%, but despite some threatening looking clouds there was no rain.

Week 4 - 8/26/2014 - Results - We closed out the summer series tonight with a good turnout and weather.  It was 70-deg F, Humidity 56%, NW wind of 3.5mph and was partly cloudy.  We followed up with grilling in the park and socializing.  Thanks to everyone for coming out for the TTs this year!

2013 Results:

Week 1 - 8/6/2013 Results - The weather and road conditions showed up for tonight's TT and so did the riders!  We had about 80-deg F (26.7C for those of you not long out of Europe) and sunny with a west-southwest wind at about 12mph pushing riders on CR5.  We also lucked out on the road work that has been underway on CR3 and had 22 riders come put in a good effort.

Week 2 - 8/13/2013 Results - Another beautiful evening for the time trial.  Much cooler this week at 66-deg F and once again sunny with low humidity and very low winds which had dropped to 4.6mph by mid way through.

Week 3 - 8/20/2013 Results - Summer was back for week 3!  It was 82-deg F, with 66% RH, and south winds at 15mph.  Times were pretty quick tonight

Week 4 - 8/27/2013 Results - Tonight was our Hill TT and after party to wrap up the series.  The temperature was hot like the grill - 86-deg F (Heat Index 92), 68% RH, and NW wind at 8mph.  Nice job to all of our riders this week and thanks to everyone who came out.  See you again next year!


Past Results

2012 8/7/12
2011 8/2/11
2010   8/17/10 8/24/10 9/7/10
2009 Series      
2008 Series