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TriRochester is a non-profit, official USAT Club


TriRochester Organized Events

We have a number of member events and group workouts throughout the year for training, race practice, and socializing.  Our Time Trial series are joint efforts and also open to the other local cycling clubs (VeloRochester, RASC).  Our very popular Thursday Night Tri's are open to anyone with an interest in triathlon or thinking of joining the club, and our social events are another great way for non-members to come get to know us.  Here is a list of events.  More details are available for some events by clicking the tabs on the left.

  • Spring Hill workouts - early-season strength-building hill rides
  • Spring Time Trial series - you and your bike against the clock
  • Group rides - organized "no drop" rides with different pace groups
  • Track workouts / group runs - orgainized track running or group run
  • Summer practice triathlons (TNT)
  • Summer Picnic
  • Summer Time Trial series - you and your bike against the clock
  • Year-round monthly social events
  • End-of-season wrap-up party


Waiver:  To participate in our group workouts including Time Trial series or TNT's we require that you sign a waiver.  (This includes TriRochester members and is separate from the membership registration process.)  One waiver is good for the full year.  You can print one out by clicking HERE and bring it with you.