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TriRochester is a non-profit, official USAT Club


Membership Info

2017 Membership

Exciting changes are coming for 2017 membership -- While membership has been a great value at $30/year for many years, we have decided to drastically lower our annual membership fee this year to $5.00 and to simplify registration with in-person and online sign up


Membership benefits include:

  • Being a part of the multisport community:  One of the biggest benefits of joining TriRochester is the chance to connect, train, and socialize with an active group of local athletes who are eager to spread the word about the sport and get new people involved.  We encourage and motivate our members and celebrate their personal victories.
  • Member access to the club website and forums:  Our website has additional resources for members including forums where you can find people to train with, carpool to races with, or ask questions.  We have a very knowledgeable group of athletes who you can turn to ask anything from "what is the order of the sports in triathlon?" to "how can I make my bike more aerodynamic?" 
  • Social activities and practice triathlons as well as opportunity to train with other members